Child Life Specialist

Medical Procedures + Talent Grooming

We Deal with all kids of Child Issues like

  • Help Children with Medical Procedures
  • Offer Counseling
  • Participate in Therapeutics Care
  • Provide Education to Families
  • Plan Support Programs and Event

and along with our Talent Grooming Program

Please subscribe to our Child Growth Suggestions (CGS) Subscription Rs 30000 per Month

Years Subscription: Rs 20 Lakh per Year per Child

  • 5 Appointments per year with single subscription.
  • Each appointment is one hour each
  • Child Growth Suggestions (CGS) are worth Rs 30000 per month are free with this subscription

Prof Dr Voggu Rakesh Reddy NET PhD MBA MBS MBBS-MD ( General Medicine, Neurology and Digital Health ) Profile : Link

Nacharam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500076

Call us to take appointments at our phone number + 91 8886443827 or email us at

WhatsApp Numbers +91 8886443827/+91 7893495589